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A closer look at some of AsiaSat's long-term clients

Eurovision Services

“Our relationship with AsiaSat has been a long and fruitful one and we are pleased to further strengthen this valued partnership. AsiaSat has been, and remains, a steadfast partner for us...”

— Italo Andriani, Manager of Procurement, Eurovision Services

FOX Networks Group Asia

“AsiaSat is our long-term partner in Asia, providing us with satellite capacity since 1991. We are pleased to have expanded our collaboration over the years, thanks to the efforts that AsiaSat has made to set up...”

— Zubin Gandevia, President, Asia Pacific & Middle East, FOX Networks Group Asia


“AsiaSat 7 plays a strategic role in the expansion of our distribution network in Asia Pacific. AsiaSat 7’s superb market access and international television neighborhood put us in...”

— Yuichi Akatsu, Managing Director, JIB

Phoenix TV

"AsiaSat has provided us with an excellent distribution platform over the decades since we launched our first Phoenix Channel to Asia in 1996. By joining the region's leading platform for Chinese programming...”

— Qingdong Liu, Vice President, International Sales, Phoenix TV


"We choose AsiaSat because we are convinced by their long-term commitment to building themselves as the best satellite operator in Asia. Our faith in AsiaSat is shared by many other video customers...”

Mike Kuo, President, TAS


"AsiaSat provides best-in-class satellite platforms and cost efficient transmission solutions. We look forward to introducing to our viewers in Asia the best "Art of Living" programmes produced by TV5MONDE and our French-speaking partner channels on one of Asia’s leading TV satellites.”

— Yves Bigot, Chief Executive Officer

TRT World

“AsiaSat is renowned for its advanced fleet of satellites and overall expertise in the business. We’re delighted to now expand TRT World to millions of viewers across Asia.”

— Director General and Chairman, TRT