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AsiaSat's world-class teleport facilities support the delivery of comprehensive value added services to customers



AsiaSat’s teleport services from our Tai Po Earth Station in Hong Kong act as gateways between AsiaSat satellites and our customers’ ground networks and user terminals. 

Our world-class teleport facility includes 19 C, Ku and Ka-band antennas not only for performing Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) activities of AsiaSat’s satellite fleet, but also for supporting a wide range of value-added services to video and data customers, including signal downlink, turnaround and uplink, fibre connectivity, transmission platforms and related services. 

AsiaSat’s TT&C facility in Tai Po, Hong Kong


With the increasing demand for satellite TV content supplying to customers, AsiaSat operates an antenna farm of more than 50 TVROs (TV Receive Only), connected by optic fiber distribution system to provide robust, stable and highly reliable TV reception and turnaround services.

AsiaSat’s antenna farm atop the earth station building


AsiaSat’s teleport also serves as connectivity hub, providing links with both major local service providers including PCCW, HGC, WTT, HKBN and Towngas Telecom, as well as to overseas countries via fibre with international carriers such as BT, Tata Communications, PCCW Global and Telstra.

Other value-added service including equipment hosting, playout services are also available for customers to enjoy one-stop, end-to-end managed service, as well as disaster recovery services to meet customers’ emergency and ad hoc requirements.

AsiaSat is a member of the Space Safety Coalition (SSC) and Space Data Association (SDA) with a view to working with various stakeholders of the space industry to enhance space safety practices for the sustainable operation of the satellite communications industry.

Service Tariff Under the Unified Carrier License

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