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AsiaSat's satellites are monitored and controlled around-the-clock by state of the art satellite control facilities in Hong Kong at the AsiaSat Tai Po Earth Station with backup facilities at the Stanley Earth Station. This twin system houses equipment that facilitates the provision of world-class satellite services and enables us to provide an unmatched level of reliability to our customers.



AsiaSat Tai Po Earth Station is located at the Tai Po Industrial Estate in the New Territories, Hong Kong. The Station is a two level building of 6,775 sq.m. built on a 13,638 sq.m. site. This earth station is currently equipped with 18 antennas, including:

  • one 11.3m C-band
  • one 9m C-band
  • three 7.3m C-band
  • two 6.3m C-band
  • one 6.1m C-band
  • two 4.5m C-band
  • four 7.3m Ku-band
  • two 6.3m Ku-band
  • one 4.9m Ku-band
  • one 4.8m Ka-band

Besides supporting the Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) activities of AsiaSat’s satellite fleet, the earth station also provides a broad range of value added services to customers in the broadcast and telecommunications industries, including:

  • Signal Downlink, Turnaround and Uplink
  • Fibre Connectivity
  • DVB-S2/S MCPC Platforms
  • Signal Encryption
  • Equipment Hosting
  • Playout Service
  • Broadway® Internet Connectivity Service
  • Satellite Carrier Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery Facilities
  • 24-hour Broadcast and Operations Centre
  • Occasional Use and SNG Services
  • Satellite Transfer Orbit Service

Customer Network Centre (CNC)


The Customer Network Centre (CNC) provides 24/7 all-rounded support to AsiaSat customers, including customers' traffic monitoring, equipment qualification and network activation, interference handling and management, SNG booking and Occasional Use (OU) services. In addition, the CNC also supports expanded value-added service offerings to broadcast and telecommunications clients. These include playout operations, uplink and downlink services, MCPC platforms service management, equipment hosting and monitoring, and disaster recovery facilities.

CNC's 24-hour hotline is available for customer enquiry and OU services booking.



AsiaSat's satellite control facilities at Stanley Earth Station are located on Hong Kong's Stanley Peninsula and serve as a backup system to the Tai Po Earth Station. The station consists of six antennas with sufficient redundancies and flexibility: two 11m C-band antennas, one 9m C-band antenna, one 5m C-band antenna and two 6.1m Ku-band antennas.

The Stanley Earth Station is connected to the Tai Po Earth Station by duplicated, identical leased circuits. This redundant facility is fully controlled from Tai Po and attuned with the Satellite Operations Centre (SOC), enabling backup TT&C services to ensure high reliability and integrity.