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Service: Digital Video Transmission for contribution feeds from Taiwan Ku-band MCPC platform solution to 3 TV channels in Taiwan
Region: Australia, Taiwan
Satellite: AsiaSat 7, AsiaSat 9

Experiencing sound and steady business growth and advancement for more than 15 years since its establishment in 1994, TAS has developed and enriched itself with unparalleled resources and experience in the areas of satellite communication applications and System Integration services, with its capacities and expertise broadly recognized as well as credits and reference well received by and from its corporate customers and partners.

AsiaSat supports TAS's broadcast service in Taiwan and acts as teleport partner for their A9 Australia DTH platform, helping TAS reach multicultural audience across Australia.

“We choose AsiaSat because we are convinced by their long-term commitment to building themselves as the best satellite operator in Asia. Our faith in AsiaSat is shared by many other video customers, making AsiaSat’s satellite fleet become the most popular channel neighborhood in Asia. AsiaSat is not an ordinary satellite service vendor – to us AsiaSat is a partner that we can trust.”— Mike Kuo, President, TAS