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Phoenix TV

Service: Phoenix Chinese
Region: Asia
Satellite: AsiaSat 7

Phoenix Chinese Channel was launched on 31 March 1996 with the aim of offering quality content to Chinese communities around the world. The dynamism of this massive market combined with successful expansion strategies has enabled Phoenix to develop a comprehensive multi-dimensional media platform that now includes Cantonese television services.

AsiaSat has allowed Phoenix to deliver a bouquet of 3 High Definition (HD) and 3 Standard Definition (SD) television channels since 1 January 2014, marking a new era for Phoenix TV’s broadcasting services in Asia.

“AsiaSat has provided us with an excellent distribution platform over the decades since we launched our first Phoenix Channel to Asia in 1996. By joining the region's leading platform for Chinese programming, Phoenix Hong Kong can instantly access a massive and widespread Chinese audience.”— Qingdong Liu, Vice President, International Sales, Phoenix TV