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AsiaSat Mobile App

Access AsiaSat. Anytime, Anywhere.

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AsiaSat’s mobile app is available now, offering insight into the AsiaSat fleet and services, and quick access to footprints, satellite information, interactive calculators and a satellite finder - all conveniently compact and compatible with your Android or iOS smartphone.


  • Uplink Calculator - tool to calculate uplink power of the TV network designed on AsiaSat satellites
  • Downlink Calculator - tool to calculate TVRO size of the TV network designed on AsiaSat
  • Sun Outage Calculator - get information on sun outage occurrence time and duration

Satellite Fleet

  • Footprints - all about AsiaSat fleet’s performance across Asia Pacific
  • AsiaSat Satellite Finder - camera and GPS assisted tool to locate AsiaSat satellites

The platform also offers users convenient access to the latest news, events, services, TV channel reception information of AsiaSat.

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